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Characteristic visual ideas give brands, campaigns and products their strength. intention is visual. Our background lies in photography. We stand for concise graphic design and develop and produce every visual form, be it stills or motion pictures, both analogue and digital. We have our own in-house production company for film and photo: You can discover more on our new NBX website.


Brands are what we do best. Consistent and self-similar communication. Played through channels and media, varied, furnished with new impulses and always vibrant. 20 years of thinking and creating brands. In general and in detail.


The digital world has become an integral part of our communications mix. Many of our campaigns originate from or are targeted at the digital world. We design, develop and implement SEO optimised websites just as we do micro sites or landing pages. For this we develop suitable banners, ads, etc., which we support by means of targeted search engine marketing. Our target-group-oriented and integrated social media activities use #words, #images and #videos that tell the right #stories to go viral.


Our catalogues are much more than just product presentations. They are image-defining and brand-forming and simultaneously entertain, surprise and involve the reader. Entirely in the interest of the consumer. And they are more than printed matter. They are also digital and, more importantly, interlinked.


We delight the consumer. The entire spectrum of B2C communication is our daily bread and butter and our speciality: from positioning to sale, cross-medial and cross-channel, above and below the line.


We know how this works. Technical issues, components that only become products in the next stage, services that drive business: all these things are unbelievably exciting. Networked via digital media, film and print we translate content so the person at the other side of the communications equation can understand it; from business to business.


Making brands and products an experience at the POS. Through in-store advertising, promotions and our on-site staff. Our brand coach network of young people who enjoy selling covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, a team of experts takes care of employee training and product presentation.


The trend towards quality and ethics is changing consumer behaviour. Exciting markets are opening up for products which can promise this. We are in synch with this change and bring enthusiasm to communication content dealing with environmental protection, sustainability, ethics and quality.


Travel destinations require communication that is distinctive and driven by adventure, using all relevant touch points to bring the message home to the target groups in question. We take a holistic approach to positioning destinations and tourist products and publicise large events like the German Federal Garden Show.